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ZLATKISA-ZAKA METHOD (And. Zlatkis, V. Zak) — a quantitative method of definition of concentration of cholesterol in blood serum. The method is based on definition of intensity of the red-violet coloring developing at interaction of cholesterol with acetic and sulfuric to-tami in the presence of ferric chloride.


Ice acetic to - that, purity a cut is checked by means of potassium permanganate (color to - you shall not change after addition of several kristallik of permanganate within 40 min.); konts. sulfuric to - that; konts. orthophosphoric to - that; main solution of ferric chloride (2,5 g of FeCl 3 - 6H 2 O dissolve during the heating in 80 ml orthophosphoric to - you, cool and bring the volume of solution to 100 ml); working solution of ferric chloride (8 ml of the main solution of ferric chloride mix from 80 ml a chamois to - you, after cooling volume is brought to 100 ml); standard solution of cholesterol (100 mg of cholesterol dissolve in 70 — 80 ml ice acetic to - you during the heating and after cooling bring volume to 100 ml ice acetic to - that; 1 ml of this solution contains 1 mg of cholesterol). Store standard solution of cholesterol at the room temperature, he is fit for the use within 6 — 7 days.

The course of definition

To 0,1 ml of blood serum is flowed by 3 ml ice acetic to - you and 2 ml of working solution of ferric chloride. Contents of a test tube are carefully mixed and after 15-minute standing kolorimetrirut at 510 — 560 nanometers (the green light filter) in a ditch with thickness of a layer of 1 cm. As control serves test, in a cut instead of blood serum the diart. water is used.

Calculation make according to a standard curve. At the content of cholesterol higher than 350 mg of % dissolve blood serum fiziol, solution. Cultivation is considered during the calculation.

Normal blood serum contains 120 — 250 mg of % of cholesterol, with age its concentration in blood increases a little. At atherosclerosis (early stages), hypofunction of a thyroid gland, a nefropatichesky syndrome, an essential hypercholesterolemia, etc. the content of cholesterol increases in blood serum.

3. — Z.m. it is offered as the unified method.

See also Holesterin .

Bibliography: Dzhordzhesku P. and Peunesku E. Biochemical methods of the diagnosis and a research, the lane from Romanians., page 341, Bucharest, 1963.

V. A. Popkov.