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X-RAY LABORATORY ASSISTANT — the employee of X-ray department (department) of medical institution having secondary medical education and special preparation on a radiology (courses of specialization of X-ray laboratory assistants), providing operation of X-ray equipments.

The river works under the leadership of the manager of X-ray department (department) and the radiologist, carrying out the duties provided by provisions about X-ray department (see) or department and the X-ray laboratory assistant, approved by the Ministry of Health of the USSR.

Operation of a X-ray apparatus (X-ray diagnostic, fluorographic), performance of pictures (roentgenograms, flyuorogramm, electroroentgenograms, tomograms, etc.), participation under the leadership of the doctor in carrying out difficult special X-ray inspections, preparation of nek-ry contrast agents, photochemical reactants and processing of a film by them, rendering to patients in necessary cases of emergency medical service, maintaining documentation, etc. belongs to R.'s duties.

Work in X-ray department is connected with danger of impact of ionizing radiation in this connection R. shall observe requirements radiation safety (see), and also rules and order of carrying out X-ray inspections. With participation in X-ray inspection in procedural X-ray department, and also during the performance of pictures in the operating room or chamber, R. it is obliged to apply individual means of protection (aprons, skirts from the leaded rubber, etc.), to have at itself the individual dosimeter for control of external radiation (see. Dosimetry of ionizing radiation ).

The ruble is responsible for a dignity. the condition of X-ray department, takes measures to timely removal of lead dust, watches operability and efficiency of the vent system, planimetric grounding, etc.

At employment of R. there takes place medical examination for an exception of contraindications to work with sources of ionizing radiation, and also an induction on labor protection. For prevention of occupational diseases of R. annually is exposed to medical examination. The specialty P. is entered in lists of the professions granting to workers the right for privileges in connection with harmful working conditions.

The ruble is obliged to increase systematically the professional skill, improving the knowledge on courses, seminars, conferences, mastering modern techniques of X-ray inspection, participating in work of section of rentgenolabo-welts at science foundations of radiologists and radiologists.

Bibliography: Milman N. Ya. is a X-ray laboratory assistant, JI., 1972; Hidirbey-l and X. And. and Pinkhosevich E. G. Work of a X-ray diagnostic office in policlinic and hospital, M., 1969.

L. N. Gorelova.