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TsIKLOBUTONIY (Cyclobutonium; synonym: Truxicurii iodidum, Truxicurium iodide; joint venture. A) — kurarepodobny means of the anti-depolarizing competitive action. Dee - (1,3-die-tilaminopropilovogo ethers) and - truk-sillovoy acids dimethoiodide; G34H52N204.2T: those, we will dissolve in acetone, chloroform and ether very little; on light turns yellow; pH of 1% of water solution 5,5-6,5.

On a chemical structure and pharmakol. to properties it is close to анатриксонш® (see).

Main property C. its ability to cause relaxation of skeletal muscles is. In an experiment after introduction of C. the muscular weakening effect develops without the previous muscular fibrillations and amplifies against the background of etherization. Antikholineste-raznye substances weaken action of C., what demonstrates the anti-depolarizing competitive effect of drug on holinoretsepto-ra of skeletal muscles. In mioparali-tichesky doses of C. a little the ABP reduces that is caused by ganglioblo-kiruyushchy properties of drug. Myotropic spasmolytic action of C. does not possess. Also the m-holinoblokiruyushchee has effect, a cut most clearly it is shown concerning heart. In this regard C. causes tachycardia. In an experiment at drug weak broncholitic properties are revealed. Drug does not influence reductions of intestines and bladder.

The muscular weakening action of C. at the person begins in a few minutes after intravenous administration and proceeds depending on a dose till 1 — 3 o'clock. Switching off of skeletal muscles under the influence of C. occurs in the same sequence, as well as at action of the majority of kurarepodobny means. Width of muscular and paralytic action of C. it is sufficient in order that with its help to cause the expressed relaxation of muscles of the lower extremities and an abdominal wall without essential disturbance of breath. However at the beginning of effect of drug, especially during the use of its high doses, the respiratory depression demanding artificial or assisted ventilation of lungs is possible. On a wedge, the C given against the background of action. quite often there is tachycardia and decrease in the ABP. According to an ECG on contractility and conductivity of heart of C. does not influence. It does not cause also changes of EEG, corneal and tendinous reflexes.

C. apply to relaxation of skeletal muscles at operative measures when there is no need for switching off of spontaneous breath. However it is necessary to consider a possibility of respiratory depression at the beginning of action of C. Thereof drug is used only in the conditions providing a possibility of an intubation of a trachea and carrying out an artificial respiration. C. for an intubation it is a little suitable because muscle relaxation, necessary for this purpose, develops only in a few minutes after administration of drug in high doses. Therefore if there is a need for an intubation, it will be out against the background of introduction of Dithylinum.

Against the background of etherization for the muscle relaxation including relaxation of muscles of an abdominal wall, C. enter intravenously in doses 0,1 — 0,12 mg! kg. At the same time spontaneous breath after initial short-term oppression remains in sufficient volume. For its switching off a dose of C. about 0,18 — 0,2 mg/kg shall be increased. At an anesthesia nitrous oxide dose of C. increase up to 0,25 mg! kg. If myorelaxation effect of C. it is insufficient, its dose can be increased. Increase in a dose is carried out gradually on 0,01 — 0,02 mgyg bucketed 5 — 10 min. After cancellation of the first dose of C. repeatedly enter no more V2 of its initial quantity. For the termination mioparalitichesky / actions of C. usually apply gkhro-zerin (2 — 4 mg intravenously or intramusculary).

Side effect of C. it is shown by tachycardia, decrease in the ABP, expansion of pupils. During the use of high doses of C. re-curarization is possible (see Mio relaxants). Contraindication to use of C. the myasthenia is. It is impossible to use drug in the absence of conditions for an intubation and carrying out artificial ventilation of the lungs.

Form of release: ampoules on 2 ml of 0,7% of solution. Storage: in the place protected from light.

Bibliography: New muscle relaxants, Chemistry, pharmacology, clinic, under the editorship of D. A. Harkevich, page 170, M., 1983; X and republics e in and the p D. And. and d river Tsiklobutony — new domestic kurarepodobny means, Chemical - pharm. zhurn., t. 11, No. 2,

page 145, 1977. V. V. Maysky.