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TRIMETILAMYN — organic compound from a class of amines. Biological value T. is studied a little. Trimethylamine is used in organic synthesis during the receiving a number of pharmaceuticals (an atsetilkholpn, Carbacholinum, etc.). T. it is quite eurysynusic in the nature: it contains in microorganisms, nek-ry plants, sea zooplankton, is found in a brain, a liver, kidneys, muscles, in urine and Calais of the person and animals. Along with T. the product of its oxidation — trimetilaminoksid is found, to-ry at the person it is formed generally by intestinal microflora.

T. represents gas, having off-flavor of a herring brine. Let's very well dissolve in water and polar organic solvents, a pier. the weight (weight) 59,11, gekip 3,5e, * spl — 124e. Quantitatively T. determine by titration of its water solutions to - that (see. Titrimetric analysis). In urine of the person 0,005 — 0,04 g normal are found! the l marked three and mines and. Daily excretion with urine trimetil-

aminoxide makes apprx. 37 mg. it increases at reception of sincaline (see).

See also Amines. N N. Chernov.