TRETYAKOV Andrey Fedorovich

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TRETYAKOV Andrey Fedorovich (1905 — 1966) — owls. doctor, organizer of health care, state and public figure. The member of the CPSU since 1926.

Ended medical f-t Voronezh un-that in 1929.

In 1935-1939 there was at the leading work in bodies of health care of the Tambov and Kursk regions, then a manager.

Kalinin regional public health department. Since 1939 the chief of Head department of resorts and sanatoria of NKZ USSR; in 1940 — 1946 the national commissioner, the Minister of Health of RSFSR; in 1946 — 1948 the minister of the medical industry of the USSR; in 1948 — 1953 the director of the Central state scientific research institute of balneology of M3 of the USSR; in 1953 — 1954 the Minister of Health of the USSR. C1954 of and until the end of life the member of board, the head of department of medical labor examination of the Ministry of Social Welfare of RSFSR.

A. F. Tretyakov published St. 100 works on questions of the organization of health care, resort business, medical labor examination. In days of the Great Patriotic War, heading Narkokhmzdrav of RSFSR, A. F. Tretyakov was one of organizers of network evakogospitaly for treatment of wounded, supply of the front with stored blood, anti-epidemic actions among the population of front districts.

It is awarded by two Orders of Lenin, the award «Sign of Honour» and medals. Works: Protection of national health in RSFSR, M., 1944; Immediate tasks of medical and sanitary service of the population, M., 1944; Terms of treatment of wounded in evakogospitalyakh, M., 1944; Medical labor examination, M., 1959 (edition); Scientific metodi-cheskiye and organizational bases of medical labor examination, in book: Bases of medical labor examination, under the editorship of

A. F. Tretyakov, page 3, M., 1960; Social security, M., 1965.

B. D. Petrov.