TOLOCHINOV Nikolay Filippovich

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TOLOCHYNOV Nikolay Filippovich (1840 — 1908) — domestic joint stock company at she r - the gena to about l about.

In 1864 graduated from the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy with a gold medal, worked as the intern in obstetric clinic under the leadership of

A. Ya. Krassovsko-go, then in surgical clinic of academy. In 1867 protected dokt. the thesis on «About the Termination of Nerves in an Epithelial Layer of a Cornea of the Person». In 1868 — 1869 it was improved on obstetrics and female diseases in Brown's clinic (To. Braun) in Vienna, then on normal and pathological histology in S. Strieker and K. R laboratories okitapsky. From 1870 to 1885 associate professor Kiyevsky un-that at the rate of female diseases. In 1885 the director of the Territorial maternity home and the teacher of povivalny school is elected professor and the department chair of obstetrics and female diseases Kharkiv un-that, since 1902.

N. F. Tolochinov is the author of 28 scientific works, from to-rykh the greatest value had the textbooks prepared by it on female diseases (1897), obstetrics (1898), povivalny art (1905); it also brought a number of improvements in a technique of teaching obstetrics and female diseases. N. F. Tolochinov described a wedge, signs of the isolated defect of an interventricular partition; this inborn heart disease is called Tolochinova — Roget a disease (with, m. Heart diseases inborn).

Works: About the termination of nerves in an epithelial layer of a cornea of the person, SPb., 1867; The Textbook of female diseases, Kharkiv, 1897, Kharkiv — M., 1901; The Textbook of obstetrics, Kharkiv — M., 1898; The Textbook of povivalny art, Kharkiv — M., 1905, 1910.

Bibliography: Nikolay Filippovich Tolo-chinov, Zhurn. akush. and wives. Bol., t. 22, No. 11, page 1345, 1908, bibliogr.


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