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TELYAZIOZ (thelaziosis) — the helminthosis from group of nematodoses which is characterized by damage of eyes.

T. occurs at animals on the Korean peninsula, in China, India, North Africa, North America, Spain, in the USSR — in the Far East. Isolated cases of a disease of people are described.

Disease-producing factors — Thelazia callipaeda Railliet et Henry, 1910 and T. californiensis Price, 1930. Telya-ziya parasitize under a conjunctiva of an eye of final owners — house and wildings (a dog, a cat, horses, foxes, hares, etc.) - the Intermediate owner — different types of flies. Flies (see), creeping at an internal corner of eyes of animals, swallow eggs of helminths together with the lacrimal liquid. In their organism in several weeks of egg turn into invasive larvae. The infested flies, eating on other animal, postpone larvae in the lacrimal liquid and infect it.

T. the person it is clinically shown by feeling of a foreign body in an eye, dacryagogue, a hyperemia of a conjunctiva. Development is possible keratitis (see), cataracts (see). The diagnosis is established at detection of telyaziya in the lacrimal liquid of the patient. Treatment is carried out by washing of an eye of 2% by solution of novocaine and extraction of helminths by means of an ophthalmic forceps. Forecast favorable.

See also Nematodoses .

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F. A. Tumanov.