TARASOV Dmitry Klementyevich

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TARASOV Dmitry Klementyevich (1792 — 1866) — the domestic medical officer, the figure of military and civil health care, the doctor of medicine (1839).

TARASOV Dmitry Klementyevich

In 1818 ended with honors: The St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy then served as the doctor in Preobrazhenskoye to a regiment. From 1820 to 1826 fulfilled duties of the managing director of office of the chief military-medical inspector of the Russian army Ya. V. Villiye. From 1827 to 1836 the general headquarters the doctor by a civil part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs where proved as the uncommon organizer, especially at elimination of epidemic of cholera in 1831. In 1836 released Ya. V. Villiye from a duty of the director of military-medical department of the Ministry of Defence. Holding this position till 1847, progress of ivny transformations of medical service of the Russian army was an initiator of a row: institutions of Military-medical scientific committee (1843), significant increase in official salaries of medical officers, establishments of year posting to large military hospitals of young doctors for increase in their qualification. D. K. Tarasov was the convinced supporter of physiotherapeutic methods of treatment of patients, to-rye persistently entered in military hospitals. He took part in preparation and release of the Russia's first encyclopedic medical reference book for practical doctors — «An encyclopedic medical lexicon» in 14 volumes (1842 — 1850).

D. K. Tarasov was an honourable leyb-surgeon, one of organizers and the honorary member St. Petersburg about-va the Russian doctors, the member of medical council of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Works: Memoirs of my life, Note of the honourable leyb-surgeon D. K. Tarasov, Russian old times, t. 4, page 233, 596, 1871, t. 5, page 355, t. 6, page 99, 1872.

Bibliography: L. F dragons. Russian doctors writers, century 1, tetr. 2, page 126, SPb., 1886; Anniversary of 50-year health service of the doctor, privy councilor D. K. Tarasov, Medical vestn., No. 20, page 234, 1866.

A.S. Georgiyevsky.