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TAPE RECORDERS — the devices intended for storing of information. Example of protozoa 3. at. punched cards on which in the coded look information for after-treatment on tabulating or electronic computers registers can serve. However from 50th 20 century the concept «tape recorders» began to be used only for designation of devices of storing of information in COMPUTERS which computing and logical opportunities considerably are defined by characteristics of the complex of tape recorders which is their part, or as they are often called, devices of memory.

Main characteristics 3. at. their capacity and speed are. Capacity 3. at. is defined by quantity of units of information (categories, symbols, words), a cut speed — the speed of record and reading of the corresponding units of information can be kept in them. Memory of modern COMPUTERS will be organized by several levels 3. at., having various speed and capacity. The similar organization of computer memory is explained by limited technical capabilities which do not allow to create the device having required speed at necessary capacity. Main types 3. at. modern COMPUTERS are operational and external 3. at. Operational 3. at. have high-speed memory, but rather small capacity (from several tens thousands symbols in small cars to 1 — 2 million in big universal COMPUTERS); the most often required information or information which is subject to processing at present of time is stored in them. Operational 3. at. directly or via the device of scratchpad memory are connected with the device of processing of information. In external 3. at. the main part of information of the COMPUTER is stored; capacity them in big cars can reach hundreds of millions of symbols. About use 3. at. in medicobiological and sanitary and statistical researches — see. Electronic computer .

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