TALYANTSEV Anton Ivanovich

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TALYANTSEV Anton Ivanovich (1858 — 1929) — the domestic pathophysiologist.

TALYANTSEV Anton Ivanovich

Since 1888 worked at department of the general pathology medical f-that Moscow un-that under the leadership of A. B. Fokht. In 1892 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Materials on the issue of Influence of Mechanical Obstacles on Blood Circulation». Since 1903 professor, and since 1912 the department chair of the general pathology Moscow un-that. In 1913 retired. Since 1918 managed department of a pathophysiology Dnipropetrovsk (till 1926 Ekaterino-slavsky) medical in-that.

A. I. Talyantsev's researches were devoted to studying of pathology of blood circulation. It showed that any considerable mechanical obstacle for the movement of blood in arteries of a big circle of blood circulation increases pressure of blood in the bringing departments of an arterial bed and through a small circle causes build-up of pressure in the right heart and the central veins. The mechanical obstacle in a chest part of an upper vena cava leads through a nek-swarm time to pressure decrease of blood in all departments of vascular system. And. I. Talyantsev published the «Short course of the general pathology» which was repeatedly republished and serving in due time as one of the main textbooks for students.

Works: Materials on the issue of influence of mechanical obstacles on blood circulation, a yew., M., 1892; Short textbook of the general and experimental pathology, SPb., 1908; Short course of the general pathology, M., 1915.

Bibliography: Penkoslavsky K. Professor Anton Ivanovich Talyantsev, Dnipropetrovsk, medical zhurn., No. 4-6, page 221, 1929.

S. M. Pavlenko.