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SULPHOSALICYLIC ACID — 2-oxy-5-sulfobenzoic acid, C 7 H 6 O 6 S, in kliniko-biochemical laboratories is used for sedimentation and nefelometrichesky measurement of concentration of proteins, the general content of cholesterol in blood serum and for kompleksonometrichesky definition of a number of elements.

Pier. the weight (weight) sulphosalicylic to - you 218,19; it presents itself thin crystals in the form of needles, t°pl anhydrous to - you 115 ° (agglomeration) and 180 ° (melting), t°pl of a dihydrate of S. to. 113 °. Page to. beyond all bounds the rastvorima in water, alcohol and ether, is hygroscopic. It easily forms salts, reacts with halogens and is nitrated; with iron, aluminum, beryllium forms complex connections (see). Receive S. to. sulphonation salicylic acid (see).

Bibliography: Biochemical methods of a research in clinic, under the editorship of A. A. Pokrovsky, page 76, 307, M., 1969; Ioffe I. S. Sulphonation of organic matters, L., 1944.