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SOLAR COAST (Sljnchev bryag) — the climatic seaside resort in the People's Republic of Bulgaria. It is located in yuzh. parts of the Black Sea coast of the country, in 400 km from Sofia, close Varna. Page. is in the beauty spot, in the extensive natural park; the neighborhood of the resort and hills and mountains surrounding it are covered with vineyards, orchards.

Construction of the resort began in 1958 on the project of the Bulgarian architects. During creation of complexes of hotels, campings, country houses, resort policlinic and other all-resort buildings of recreational and sports appointment national forms and motives are used, to-rye are successfully combined with the principles of modern architecture. Buildings of hotels are equipped with the pools with the warmed-up sea water glazed by verandahs, etc. for carrying out a klimatolecheniye at all seasons of the year. There are constructions for individual and group occupations physical culture and sport. Page. — the resort of the international value where workers from the socialist countries are treated and have a rest; it attracts also tourists from many capitalist countries. On

Solar Coast. Habit view of the resort.

Page. the international festivals are held: decade of symphonic music, competition of the variety song «Gold Orpheus», folklore festivals, etc.

Climate of the resort of the Mediterranean type. Summer very warm (average monthly temperature of July 22 °), in separate days air temperature reaches 30 °, however the heat is softened with sea breezes. Winter soft (average monthly temperature of January 3,1 °). Osadkov drops out on average 430 mm a year. Number of hours of sunshine in a year 2300. The season of sea bathings proceeds from the middle of June till October, water temperature in the sea during this period from 20 to 27 °. Melkopeschany, well equipped beach with picturesque dunes has the extent of St. 6 km and width to 400 m. The coast smoothly passes into gradually going down bottom of the sea, safe for bathing of children. In the resort all conditions for their rest, a klimatolecheniye and a hardening are created.

Medical factors. The soft seaside climate allowing to carry out aero heliothalassotherapy almost all the year round. In 21 km from S., in Pomoriye, there are mud baths functioning in warm season.

Indications. Diseases of a respiratory organs of not tubercular character, functional frustration of a nervous system, disbolism, disease of the musculoskeletal device and female generative organs.

V. V. Poltoranov.