RUCHKOVSKY Sergey Nikiforovich

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RUCHKOVSKY Sergey Nikiforovich (1888 — 1967) — the Soviet microbiologist and the epidemiologist, the member correspondent of AMH (1946).

RUCHKOVSKY Sergey Nikiforovich

In 1914 ended medical f-t Kiev un-that. From 1914 to 1925 worked as the epidemiologist, the infectiologist, managed a row bakt. laboratories. From 1926 to 1929 the manager. epid-department Kharkiv bacteriological in-that, then manager. epidotdely Kiev bacteriological in-that (1929 — 1937), from 1939 to 1948 the department chair of epidemiology in Kiev medical in-those. At the same time (from 1935 to 1958) directed; department of epidemiology in Kiev in-those improvements of doctors. Since 1958 the manager. virologic department Kiev in-that epidemiology and microbiology.

Belongs to S. N. Ruchkovsky the St. 100 scientific works (including 4 monographs) devoted to questions of bacteriology and epidemiology of botulism, a sapropyra, a paroxysmal rickettsiosis, dysentery, salmonelloses, scarlet fevers, etc. It the first published the message on experience of rickettsiae of Provachek in tissue of a brain of a rekonv the wood of cents; studied epidemiology of a paroxysmal rickettsiosis, the activator to-rogo them was allocated and identified on chicken embryos, and also established infectiousness of red voles (Clethrionomus glareo-lus Schr.) a paroxysmal rickettsiosis, revealed carriers of an infection — mites of Ixodes ricinus and proved the fact of transfer of an infection by them in the transovarial way.

Works: To a question of the mechanism of fish poisonings like botulism, Profilakt. medical, No. 9-10, page 31, 1928; Epidemiological observations on a sapropyra, the Gigabyte. and epid., JVTe 2, page 45, 1930; Kishkov1 shfek-tsn, cherevny typhus, paratyphoid, dizenter1ya, Kshv, 1936 (sovm. with Zyukov A. M.); Materials on epidemiology of the so-called «Volynsk fever», Vestn. USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, No. 2, page 15, 1948; Method of specific immunological diagnosis of epidemic hepatitis, in the same place, No. 10, page 34, 1959; Oculoreaction at rabbits as a diagnostic method of cancer at the person, Vopr. onkol., t. 7, No. 9, page 37, 1961 (sovm. with Guest V. S.).

T. Yu. Kasparova.