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RYDIGUER Ludvig (Rydygier Ludwig, 1850 — 1920) is the Polish SURGEON -

received Medical education in Grace-valde, Berlin and Strasbourg. In 1874 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Experimental Materials about Effect of Carbolic Acid». Also B. Langen-beka worked for Gyuter (K. A, Niye-ter). Since 1887 professor Jagiellon-sky un-that in Krakow. It is transferred to Lviv in connection with recovery medical f-that at Lviv where in 1897 founded clinic and department of surgery, to-rye headed until the end of life. In 1902 the rector Lviv un-that. The participant of the XII International congress of doctors in Moscow (1897) and many congresses of the Polish and German surgeons.

L. Ridiger — one of pioneers of antiseptics and an asepsis. Early studies in the field of surgery are connected with his name went. - kish. path. The second ambassador Zh. The peon it made a resection of a stomach at cancer of its peloric department (1880) and first-ever executed (1881) resections of a stomach concerning a stepoziruyushchy ulcer. L. Ridiger is the author of the St. 150 scientific works devoted to various aspects of surgery of abdominal organs; to problems of periosteal plastics of a pseudoarthrosis after resections, a tuberculosis of bones and joints, bone plastics; bandagings of large vessels. In 1893 he proved need of stitching on heart at its wound.

HEART of 539

Works: Die Behandlung der Gelenkstubercu-lose, Wien, 1895.

Bibliography: M and I am V. S. t and d the river Re

a zektion of a stomach and a gastrectomy, page 11, M., 1975; Me put yan A. I. Znacheniye of Ludwig Ridiger's works, Surgery, No. 3, page 151, 1971; Wielka encyklopedia pows-zechna, t. 10, s. 226, Warszawa, 1967.

M.P. Pavlovsky.