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RAYT of Almrot (Wright Almroth Edward, 1861 — 1947) — the English pathologist and the bacteriologist.

Ended Dublin un-t, trained in the Leipzig, Strasbourg and Marburg high fur boots. From 1892 to 1902 professor of pathology at Military-medical school in Netli, in 1898 — 1900 participated in work of the antiplague commission in India; since 1902 professor of experimental pathology in London un-those.

The main direction of works of A. Wright — studying of protective properties of blood serum, and also a problem of vaccination against bacterial infections. The method of safety vaccination against a typhoid (at the same time and irrespective of it similar vaccination V. K. developed high-HIV) was offered them (1896)] the method a lab is entered (1897). diagnoses of a brucellosis — an agglutination test (see Wright reaction); the method of calculation of bacteria in liquid suspensions is developed (1902) (see. Wright method of calculation of bacteria ). In 1903 — 1904 together with Douglas (S. R. Douglas) A. Wright showed that in blood serum there is a factor stimulating phagocytosis. He called this factor opsonin (see). On A. Wright's observations, blood serum of immunizirovanny people differs in the raised opsonic index; it formed the basis for development of a new way of treatment of a number of infectious diseases by introduction of the vaccines made of the bacteria taken from the most sick. These works laid the foundation of an autovaktsionoterapiya.

Works: On the application of the serum test to the differential diagnosis of typhoid and Malta fever, Lancet, v. 1, p. 656, 1897 (sovm. with Smith F.); On some new procedures for the examination of the blood and of bacterial cultures, ibid., v. 2, p. 11, 1902; A short treatise on anti-typhoid inoculation, Westminster, 1904; Principles of microscopy, being a handbook to the microscope, L., 1906; Studies on immunization and their application to the diagnosis and treatment of bacterial infections, L., 1909; Nouveaux principes d’immunisation, appliqués à la thérapeutique vaccinante, Ann. Inst. Pasteur, p. 107,1923.

Bibliography: Almroth Edward Wright, Lancet, v. 1, p. 654, 1947; MouroisA. Wright et Fleming, Hist. Méd., p. 5, 1959; Sir Almroth Wright, Brit. med. J., v. 1, p. 657, 1947; Sir Almroth Wright, Med. Press, p. 423, 1947.

D.R. Kaulen, X. X. Planelyes.