RAMS Vasily Gavrilovich

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RAMS Vasily Gavrilovich

RAMS Vasily Gavrilovich (sort. in 1899) — the Soviet endocrinologist, the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1960). In 1923 ended VMA.

Began scientific activity under the leadership of Ya. A. Lovtsky, V. V. Savich and G. F. Lang. Since 1952 Ying-that manages laboratory of physiology and pathology of endocrine system of the person of physiology of I. P. Pavlov Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Since 1956 Ying-that directs department of endocrinology of obstetrics and gynecology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, and since 1963 at the same time and department of endocrinology to the GUIDE To (Leningrad).

Scientific works of V. G. Baranov are devoted to questions of physiology of the endocrine device, studying of the diseases connected with disturbance of activity of hemadens, nervous control of endocrine functions; to a climax. V. G. Baranov gives great attention to studying of a diabetes mellitus; it propagandizes the technique of treatment of patients with a diabetes mellitus based on achievement of a normoglikemiya and aglyukozuriya. In V. G. Baranov's researches and the collectives directed by it the role of a hypothalamus and a hypophysis in a pathogeny of a diffusion toxic craw is shown.

V. G. Baranov is the chairman of the All-Union scientific medical island of endocrinologists, the member of presidium of the All-Union scientific island of gerontologists, the member of the international societies — therapists, on studying of a brain, the honorary member of Society on a diabetes mellitus and diseases of exchange (GDR). He is an associate editor of magazines «Problems of Endocrinology» and «Physiological magazine of the USSR» of I. M. Sechenov. Took part in preparation of a number of medical encyclopedias (the 2nd prod. BME, Small and Short medical encyclopedias, Year-books of BME); in 3 prod. BME he is deputy otv. editors of an edition of department «Endocrinology». It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the Labour Red Banner and the Red Star, and also medals.

Works: To a question of indications to treatment of diabetes insulin and a technique of its use, the Doctor, gas., No. 19, page 937, 1926; Diseases of endocrine system and metabolism, L., 1955; Physiology and pathology klimakteriya of the woman, JI., 1965 (edition); Diseases of endocrine system, Mnogotomn. the management on vnutr. Bol., t. 7, M., 1966 (author of a number of heads and edition of volume).

Bibliography: Vasily Gavrilovich Baranov, Probl, endokrinol., t. 16, «Νβ 2, page 122, j 970.

G. S. Stepanov.