RAMÓN Guston

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RAMÓN Guston

RAMÓN Guston (Ramon Gaston Léon, 1886 — 1963) — the French immunologist, the member of Academy of Sciences of France, national academies of medicine, surgery and veterinary science.

Ended in 1909. Veterinary school, since 1910 the employee of branch of Pasterovsky in-that in Garshe (near Paris), later the head of this branch. Pupil E. Pif. In 1934 — 1940 the deputy director, then the director, and since 1941 the honorary director of Pasterovsky in-that in Paris.

G. Ramone published St. 900 scientific works, hl. obr. concerning the general and private infectious immunology of the person and domestic animals. It opened a phenomenon of the flocculation (1923) allowing to titrate in vitro diphtheritic and tetanic toxins (or anatoxins) and the anti-toxic serums corresponding to them; developed the method of preparation of the anatoxin suitable for immunization of people which formed the basis of production of anatoxin in many countries of the world; opened the principle of strengthening of an immunogenesis by means of the nonspecific stimulators added to antigens (anatoxins). The principle of production of anatoxins was used further by other researchers for neutralization of bacteritic and virus drugs and receiving the corresponding vaccines, and the principle of nonspecific stimulation — during creation of associated vaccines from anatoxins and microbic bodies.

G. Ramone's opening formed a basis for it to the developed vaccination diphtheritic and tetanic anatoxins that allowed to solve a problem of prevention of diphtheria and tetanus. The anatoxins produced by G. Ramone's method from various microbic toxins and also other inoculative drugs which are a part mono - or associated vaccines, are widely applied for prevention of infections, in particular toxicoinfections.

G. Ramone was elected the doctor of honoris causa of many foreign high fur boots. and in 1933 — the honorary member Vsesoyuznogo in-that experimental medicine (USSR).

Works: Sur la toxine et sur l’anatoxine diph-thériques, pouvoir floculant et propriétés immunisantes, Ann. Inst. Pasteur, t. 38, p. 1, 1924; De la vaccination antidiphthé-rique par l’anatoxine, Bruxelles, 1933; Le principe des anatoxines et ses applications, P., 1950; La lutte préventive contre les maladies infectieuses de l’homme et des animaux domestiques au moyen des vaccins, P., 1955; La rage, études immunologiques et épidémiologiques, prophylaxie et traitement, Toulouse, 1956; Quarante années de recherches et de travaux, Toulouse, 1957.

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P.F. Zdrodovsky.