RADUS-ZENKOVICH Victor Alekseevich

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RADUS-ZENKOVICH Victor Alekseevich

RADUS-ZENKOVICH Victor Alekseevich (1877/1878 — 1967) — the Soviet doctor, party and the statesman, the active participant of three revolutions, the member of the CPSU since 1898.

The son of the political exiled, the participant of the Polish revolt of 1863, V. A. Radus-Zenkovich even in the years of study in a gymnasium entered a revolutionary circle, conducted educational work among workers. After revenues to medical f-t Moscow un-that in 1896

actively participated in the student's social democratic movement. Soon after the introduction in RSDRP became the professional party worker. In 1902 — 1903, being in emigration in Geneva, met V. I. Lenin, worked as the typesetter in Iskry printing house. After the II congress illegally was returned to Russia as the agent of the Central Committee of party. In 1904 — 1905, struggling with Mensheviks, created the Bolshevist organization in Nikolaev. In days of revolution of 1905 — 1907 V. A. Radus-Zenkovich took active part in the organization of the Nikolaev Council of working deputies. After short-term arrest participated in work of the Tsimmervaldsky party conference, worked in the military organization of party in St. Petersburg, the Central Committee of party was sent to Baku and entered into structure of the Baku committee of RSDRP, edited the illegal newspaper «Bakinsky Rabochy» and the legal social democratic newspaper «Prizyv». In 1907 it was elected the member of the Moscow party committee. In 1908 it is arrested and sentenced to 6 years of penal servitude then it is banished to Siberia under supervision of police.

After the February revolution V. A. Radus-Zenkovich managed a dignity. department of medical bureau Zap. front. In October days took active part in establishment of the Soviet power in Saratov, was a part of the first Executive committee of the Saratov Council of working, country and soldier's deputies, was the chairman of the Volga region insurance working cash desk. In 1918 — 1919 the manager worked in Narkomat of work. department of insurance and labor protection, then the deputy people's commissar — the manager. department of insurance medicine. In 1919 — 1930 V. A. Radus-Zenkovich was at responsible party and state work, also the manager was the chairman of the Saratov gubispolkom. department of propaganda and promotion of a gubkom of party, chairman of SNK of Kyrgyzstan and secretary of the Kyrgyz Central Committee bureau RCP(b), chairman of TsKK and people's commissar of Workers' and Peasants' inspection of Belarus, candidate for members of presidium of TsKK All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks). In 1930 — 1933 the deputy people's commissar of work, in 1933 — 1937 — the chairman of the Central Committee of labor unions of workers of communication and telecommunication, in 1940 — 1956 worked at research at Institute of Marxism-Leninism at the Central Committee of the CPSU.

Formation of socialist system of labor protection and health of industrial workers is connected with a name of V. A. Radusa-Zenkovich. It organized one of the first in the country the Volga region regional insurance working cash desk, experience a cut in the field of medical and preventive medicine Komissarov of work was recommended for distribution by the 2nd congress. Under the leadership of V. A. Radus-Zenkovich inspection of work was created; he participated in development of Provision on social insurance, the Labour Code, statutes and safety arrangements of working various industries. It it is much made for coordination of work and division of functions between Narkomat of work and Narkomzdrav.

V. A. Radus-Zenkovich was a delegate XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, XVII and XXII congresses, was elected the member of TsKK RCP(b). «the sign of Honour» and medals is awarded by the Orders of Lenin.

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