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PYELITIS (pyelitis; Greek pyelos a trough, a tub + - itis) — an inflammation of a renal pelvis.

The term «pyelitis» which was widely applied earlier does not reflect process completely since the inflammation from a pelvis always extends to a parenchyma of a kidney. Therefore it is more correct to use the term «pyelonephritis» that is accepted most of urologists and nephrologists.

Nek-ry clinical physicians use the outdated terms «pyelocystitis» or «tsistopiyelit», depending on where there was primary center, in a pelvis or in a bladder. However and in these cases inflammatory process extends to a parenchyma of a kidney.

Penetration of an infection into a renal pelvis happens in the hematogenous (descending) or urinogenny (ascending) way to the subsequent transition to tissue of a kidney.

See also Pyelonephritis .

A. Ya. Pytel.