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Vittorio's PUTTI

PUTTI Vittorio (Putti Vittorio, 1880 — 1940) — the Italian orthopedic surgeon, professor (1912).

Ended in 1903 medical f-t un-that in Bologna, then Ritsolli worked in orthopedic in-those; since 1909 the vice-director, and since 1914 the director of it in-that. At the same time (since 1912) the prof. of department of orthopedics medical f-that un-that in Bologna.

B. Published ways the St. 200 scientific works devoted generally to diagnosis of congenital dislocation of a hip (Putti's triad, Putti's scheme for reading roentgenograms), to treatment of congenital dislocation and incomplete dislocation of a hip, especially at children of early age, to an artificial ankylosis, an arthrolysis, lengthening of extremities, treatment of residual deformations of extremities after poliomyelitis, and also the organization of the prosthetic help to disabled people of World War I. He is the author of a number of works according to the medical bibliography and stories of medicine. For the atlas «Anatomy of congenital dislocation of a hip» (1936) it is conferred Redar's award.

B. Ways — the founder of the La Chirurgica degli Organi di Move-mento (1917) magazine and abstract magazine «Bibliografia ortopedica» (1920), the editor of the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery magazine; one of founders International about-va travmato (((((((((((((((((SIKOT); the honorary member American, English and others about-in traumatologists-orthopedists.

Works: Arthroplasty, J. orthop. Surg., v. 3, river 421, 1921; Die Anatomie der angeborenen Hüftverrenkung, Stuttgart, 1936; Lom-boartriteesciatica vertebrale, Bologna, 1936; Per i fratturati in to race of e in guerra, Bologna, 1936; Cura operatoria delle fratture del collo del femore, Bologna, 1940; Die operative Behandlung der Schenkelhalsbruche, Stuttgart, 1942.

Bibliography: Phrasemongers of T. Vittorio Putti, Vestn. hir., t. 62, No. 1, page 114, 1941: Scaglietti O. Vittorio Putti, Chir. Organi Mov., t. 26, p. 203, 1940.

P. L. Gorbunova.