PROZOROV Leonid Alekseevich

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PROZOROV Leonid Alekseevich

PROZOROV Leonid Alekseevich (1877 — 1941) — the Soviet psychiatrist, one of organizers of extra hospital mental health services in the USSR, the doctor of medical sciences (1938).

Ended in 1903 medical f-t Moscow un-that. Would work in Preobrazhenskiy psychiatric; took active part in the organization of the city patronage which formed a basis for development of extra hospital mental health services in the USSR. After Great October socialist revolution the member, and then the chairman of the psychiatric commission of Council of medical boards. Since 1923 worked in department of a psychohygiene, then in organization department Moscow psychoneurological in-that. Since 1931 and until the end of life of hl. doctor psikhonevrol. clinic of the Moskvoretsk district of Moscow.

L. A. Prozorov published the St. 40 scientific works devoted to questions of the organization of stationary and extra hospital mental health services, city patronage, problems of suicides mentally sick, alcoholism and drug addiction, clinic of schizophrenia, the legislation on the insane, forensic-psychiatric and labor examination, history of medicine, etc. He was one of creators of the sotsialnoprofilaktichesky direction of psychiatric service in the country based on development of extra hospital forms of the help (wide network of clinics, activity therapy workshops, family patronage). At the initiative of L. A. Prozorov at directed by it psikhonevrol. a clinic the first activity therapy workshops (ATW) were open. The regulations on LTM drafted by it and the list a wedge. indications for work therapy mentally sick in workshops served as a first stage of development of the rehabilitation direction in the Soviet psychiatry.

L. A. Prozorov participated in the organization I and II of All-Union congresses of neuropathologists and psychiatrists (1927, 1936), was the secretary of an editorial board of Modern Psychiatry and Neuropathology and Psychiatry magazines.

Works: The Moscow capital patronage for the insane, M., 1910; Suicides of the insane in hospitals, M., 1911 — 1915; History of extra hospital mental health services in Moscow, in book: Extra hospital psikhiat. the help in Moscow in 20 years (1919 — 1939), under the editorship of O. V. Kerbiko-va, page 29, M., 1940.

Bibliography: Kannabikh Yu. V. History of psychiatry, page 178, etc., M., 1928; Melekhov D. E. Leonid Alekseevich Prozorov (To the 100 anniversary since birth), Shurn. neuropath, and psikhiat., t. 77, century 9, page 1403, 1977; Yudin T. I. Sketches of history of domestic psychiatry, page 34, etc., M., 1951.

L. M. Shmaonova.