POTIRALOVSKY Pyotr Petrovich

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POTIRALOVSKY Pyotr Petrovich (1872 — 1927) — the medical officer, one of founders of the organization and tactics of health service as scientific discipline and subject of teaching in the USSR.

POTIRALOVSKY Pyotr Petrovich

In 1896 ended VMA, served as the army doctor; was involved in the Russian-Japanese war. In 1907 protected in VMA the first in its history dokt, the thesis on a medicotactical subject: «Tyurenchen — Wafanggou — Liaoyang in the sanitary and tactical relation». In 1911 wrote «A short course of sanitary tactics» — the first domestic textbook on this discipline. Was involved in World War I, war. In 1918 — 1919 headed medical service of the Moscow Military District, then served in hospitals and the military-medical commissions, worked in system of civil health care.

A scientific merit of P. P. Potiralovsky is development of questions organizations and tactics of health service (see), justification of need of its teaching to medical officers. It made an essential contribution to the theory of the organization of medical providing troops; proved need of planning of medical ensuring fighting, creations of a reserve of medical forces and means and maneuver by them in a course of action; offered techniques for calculation of size and structure a dignity. losses, and also a number of actions for improvement of the organization of work of field medical service (creation of «wounded nests», search of wounded «chain», the principle of evacuation «on», use of mobile hospitals for strengthening of the main dressing points etc.), on the organization of hospital bases of the back of the country, introduction to staff of medical service of infectious and evacuation hospitals, scoping of the medical help at stages of medical evacuation, etc.

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V. I. Selivanov.