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PHOTOCOAGULATION of an EYE (Greek phos, photos light + coagulation) — a method of treatment of a number of eye diseases by impact on the changed fabrics - eyes a bunch of the photons received by means of the special device — a photocoagulator.

Distinguish two look F.: laser and xenon. Laser photocoagulation by means of different types of the lasers which are sources of monochromatic radiation was allocated in an independent method of treatment (see the Laser, lasers in ophthalmology, t. 25, additional materials). At xenon F. is a source of radiation the xenon lamp giving a polikhromatichny beam of light. Xenon F. differs from laser in more expressed damaging action on healthy fabrics and menypen penetration depth in this connection has limited use.

The medical effect of xenon photocoagulation is based on coagulating action of a light flow at the time of transition of light energy to thermal. It is applied at fibrinferments of the central vein of a retina and its branches, the central chorioretinal dystrophies, aneurisms of vessels of a retina, teleangiektazn-yakh (see the Retina). a diabetic retinopathy (see Retinopathies), etc. It can be used at amotio of a retina (see) as an independent method, and also in a complex with surgical methods of treatment, at tumors of a ho-riopdea (see the Choroid of an eye) — the progressing nevus (see), melanomas (see), retinoblastomas (see). Xenon coagulation is carried out by means of optical coagulators (EK-5000, OK-5000T and Opton.

Xenon coagulation of internal covers of an eye is impossible at opacification of the refracting environments of an eye, fusion of a pupil.

At F. complications — a rupture of a retina, hemorrhage in its layers, a hemophthalmia (see), a coagulative necrosis of an iris (see), a thermal cataract are possible (see). Bibliography: 3 and and N of and r about in and G. G.

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