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PASTEUR PIPETTE ( L. Pasteur , the fr. chemist and the microbiologist, 1822 — 1895) — the thin-walled glass tube passing into the long capillary soldered on the end. Items widely apply in microbiological and virologic researches to crops of microorganisms from liquid material, putting the studied material in the form of drops on a slide plate, to statement of serological tests, etc.; quite often do the pallet for crops of microorganisms on the surface of solid nutrient medium of Pct. For preparation of Pct in the conditions of laboratory of a tube from fusible glass 25 — 28 cm long and to dia. 0,5 — 0,8 cm heat in the middle in a flame of a torch. Having taken out a tube from a flame, stretch its ends; the middle of a tube at the same time is extended in a long capillary, to-ry then melt in a flame, separating two turned-out pipettes. The pct releases also medical industry.