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MESOCEPHALIA (grech, mesos average + kephale head; synonym mezokefaliya) — intermediate, between a brachycephaly and a dolichocephalia, the shape of the head which is characterized of head index from 76,0 to 80,9 at men and from 77,0 to 81,9 at women. The m occurs at representatives of the separate races and ethnic groups inhabiting all continents except for Australia.

A wedge, abnormal ratios in sizes and a shape of the head, the arising hl can matter. obr. because of inborn disturbances of an order and terms of a sinostozirovaniye of various cranial seams, and also at patol, an underdevelopment of a brain.

See also Kraniometriya , Skull .

Bibliography: Roginsky Ya. Ya. and Levin of M. G. Antropologiya, page 89, M., 1978.

V. G. Vlastovsky.