MAKAR Alexander Mikhaylovich

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MAKAR Alexander Mikhaylovich (1877 — 1961) — the Soviet doctor, party and the statesman, the participant of revolutionary movement. The member of the CPSU since 1899.

MAKAR Alexander Mikhaylovich

In 1904 ended physical and mathematical f-t Novorossiysk un-that in Odessa, and in 1908 — medical f-t Basel un-that (Switzerland). For participation in revolutionary movement three times it was arrested, and in 1907 emigrated. Being in emigration in Switzerland, participated in work of the Bolshevist organization. After the February bourgeois-democratic revolution of 1917 was returned to Russia, actively participated in fight for establishment of the Soviet power. After the victory of Great October socialist revolution was at party work in Odessa. Then worked in the National commissariat of health care of RSFSR. A. M. Makar was elected the member of the Moscow city committee and Bauman regional party committee. In 1919 there was the military commissioner a dignity. managements XII of army of Youzhny, and then Southwest fronts and editor of the army newspaper «Krasnaya Armiya». In 1922 the Deputy Attorney-General of USSR. Since 1924 was at diplomatic work: the adviser of the Soviet embassy in Italy, the ambassador in Norway (1926 — 1927), the ambassador in Mexico (1927 — 1930). From 1930 to 1932 the chairman of section of exchange in the State Planning Committee of the USSR. Since 1932 the member of Board Narkomata of communication, and then the member of the Supreme Court of the USSR.

A. M. Makar was a delegate of the VIII congress with an advisory vote and the delegate with the right of a casting vote of the IX congress.

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E. D. Gribanov.