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MAK-KONKI OF THE ENVIRONMENT (And. Th. MacConkey, the English bacteriologist, 1861 — 1931) — the mediums applied to detection of bacteria of the Enterobacteriaceae family. Are offered in 1901. IAC horse tram. Elektivnost of M.-K. the page is provided with bilious acid salts. Are known dense and liquid M.-K. page.

Dense M.-K. the page represents a lactose agar with bilious salt and neutral red. For preparation of the environment take taurokholevokisly sodium 5 g, peptone of 20 g, sodium chloride of 5 g, an agar agar of 20 g, a distilled water to 1000 ml. All mix and boil before fusion of an agar and dissolution of other ingredients. Cool Wednesday to 50 ° and lead up pH to 7,6 — 7,8. By Wednesday add ovalbumin, filter and again establish pH 7,3 at t ° 50 °. Add 10 g of lactose and 5 ml of 1% of water solution of neutral red. The ready environment will be sterilized at 120 ° within 15 min. Before the use it is spilled in Petri dishes.

Wednesday is applied as differential to allocation of enterobakteriya. Colonies of laktozonegativny bacteria, without changing color of the environment, grow colourless and transparent. The bacteria splitting lactose form bright red colonies with a zone of opacification around. The agar around colony grows turbid from interaction of bilious salt and to - you, the lactose formed at fermentation.

Broth of the IAC Horse tram (laktozozhelchny) contains taurokholevokisly sodium 5 g, lactoses of 10 g, peptone 20 and, sodium chloride of 5 g and a distilled water to 1000 ml. All ingredients, except lactose, mix and boil in Koch's device 2 hours. Next day add lactose to a basis, filter Wednesday and establish pH 7,4. Then add 1 ml of 1% of water solution of bromkrezolovy purple or 5 ml of 1% of water solution of neutral red. Spill in test tubes with floats 5 ml, will sterilize at 110 ° 15 min. or fluid steam 3 days 30 min.

To crops of large volumes Wednesday is applied in double concentration. Train her, doubling amount of all ingredients, except water.

Broth of the IAC Horse tram is applied to detection E. coli in water, milk and dairy products.

M.-K. pages are recommended to WHO for detection and account E. coli in drinking water.

See also Differential and diagnostic environments .

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M. O. Birger.