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LYUBEN-VELIKIY (Great Lyuben) — balneogryazevy the flat resort of a forest-steppe zone in the Ukrainian SSR. It is located at the height of 275 m above sea-level, in 22 km from Lviv.

Case of sanatorium «Lyuben-Veliky»

Annual average air temperature apprx. 8 °. The summer warm (average monthly temperature in July 18 °), is a lot of cloudy days, relative humidity of air in July apprx. 60%, fall dry, winter moderately soft (average monthly temperature in January — 4 °), the annual amount of precipitation of 670 mm, number of days with fogs 60, prevail zap. and South zap. winds with a speed of 3 — 4 m/s. Number of hours of sunshine apprx. 1500 a year.

The main natural to lay down. factors — sulfide mineral water (see. Sulfide waters ) and peat dirt (see. therapeutic muds ). Deposits to lay down. peat are in 0,5 km from the resort. On chemical structure mineral waters belong to sulfatnokaltsiyevy and gidrokarbonatno - sulfate-calcium with a mineralization of 1,7 — 2,4 g/l and the content of general hydrogen sulfide from 57 to 100 mg/l. Formula of chemical composition of water (I-K well):

Waters apply to bathtubs, inhalations and ginekol, irrigations.

In the resort there is well equipped sanatorium located in the big park with century trees, water mud baths, policlinic, the medical swimming pool filled by sweet water without heating and used only in summer months.

Indications: diseases of bodies of blood circulation, peripheral nervous system, musculoskeletal system, female generative organs. Contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection, table .

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A. A. Vasilyev.