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LUMBALIZATION (Latin lumbalis lumbar) — congenital anomaly of a structure of lumbosacral department of a backbone, at a cut the I sacral vertebra, separating from other mass of a sacrum, has the form of a lumbar vertebra. L. it is opposite sacralization (see) also meets much less often than the last. Many authors combine L. and a sacralization under one name «transitional lumbosacral vertebra».

the Sacrum at bone and joint lumbalization: 1 — a synostosis of a cross shoot of a transitional vertebra with a side mass of a sacrum; 2 — a crack between transitional and upper sacral vertebrae; 3 — a body of a transitional vertebra; 4 — a joint crack between a cross shoot of a transitional vertebra and side mass of a sacrum.

L. call bone in case of a sinostozirovaniye of both cross shoots of a transitional vertebra with a sacrum, joint — in the presence of joints between cross shoots and a sacrum and bone and joint (mixed) — in the presence of a spayaniye of one cross shoot with a sacrum and a joint between an opposite cross shoot and a sacrum (fig).

Recognition of L. perhaps only at rentgenol, a research. A transitional vertebra, and also its joints with underlying are found on the usual perednezadny roentgenogram. For differentiation of L. and a sacralization on one film carry out the roentgenogram of all lumbar department of a backbone and a sacrum (for the account of vertebrae). In the presence of a joint the cross shoot of a lyumbalizirovanny vertebra from one or two parties is delimited from the lateral mass of a sacrum by more or less uniform crack. At emergence in a joint of an osteoarthrosis the bone tissue in fringe regions along an abnormal joint is condensed, develop osteophytes (see). Sometimes the specified changes are visible in the pictures made in additional slanting projections better.

L. seldom happens the reason of pains; they arise only at a joint form and development of the deforming osteoarthrosis in joints between cross shoots and a sacrum (see. Arthroses ). Treatment is usually conservative: physical therapy, massage, analgetics; at its unsuccessfulness the resection of a cross shoot of a transitional vertebra is shown.

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