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LOPHENAL (Lophenalum; joint venture. A) — antineoplastic drug from group of alkylating (chlorethylamin derivatives), couple - [an encore - (beta Aether chloratus) of amine] fenatsetit — D,L — phenylalanine;


Inodorous white fine-crystalline powder, bitter on taste, water-insoluble, well alcohol-soluble.

L. it is quickly soaked up in went. - kish. path. Mechanism of action of L. consists in damage of DNA as a result of reaction alkylations (see).

Apply L. at a lymphogranulomatosis, hron, a lymphoid leukosis, a lymphosarcoma, a reticulosarcoma, a seminoma of a small egg, ovarian cancer. Appoint inside daily in a dose 0,6 — 0,9 g a day, in some cases 1,2 g (10 — 20 mg to 1 kg of weight). Directly after reception of L. there can be nausea, vomiting. Owing to this fact drug is recommended to accept in two steps after food (it is desirable to wash down it with milk or kissel for elimination of local irritant action). At ovarian cancer treatment of L. begin 0,6 g with a daily dose, gradually raising it to 0,9 — 1,2 g; on a course of treatment of 30 — 40 g, in some cases 50 g of drug. At hron. a lymphoid leukosis when the quantity of leukocytes reaches 300 000 — 500 000 in 1 mkl blood, appoint on 0,6 g, at 150 000 — 300 000 — on 0,3 g, at lower quantity of leukocytes — on 0,3 in about 1 g or in 2 days; a dose on a course of treatment of 9 — 30 g. At a lymphogranulomatosis, a lymphosarcoma or a reticulosarcoma a daily dose of 0,6 — 0,9 g, a dose on a course of treatment of 30 g. L. cancel at decrease in quantity of leukocytes (less than 3000 in 1 mkl blood) or thrombocytes (less than 100 000 in 1 mkl blood).

L. it is contraindicated at the expressed anemia, leucio-and thrombocytopenia, serious associated diseases (active forms of tuberculosis, parenchymatous hepatitis, a circulatory unefficiency).

Keep in the cool place protected from light and moisture.

Form of release: tablets on 0,3 g

See also Antineoplastic means .

Bibliography: Knunyants I. L., etc. Carcinolytic peptides of the directed action, Zhurn. Vsesoyuz, chemical islands of D. I. Mendeleyev, t. 7, No. 2, page 238, 1962.

N. I. Perevodchikova.