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LOBAR SCLEROSIS (Latin lobus, from grech, lobos a share; a sclerosis) — the sclerosis of a brain extending in certain sites of brain bark or on all parencephalon.

Hp develops as a result of damage of a brain in children's age at encephalitis, septic meningoentsefalita, at fibrinferments of vessels of a brain or their embolisms. Hp is observed at many genetically caused sclerosing processes of hemicerebrums. After for treatment of damages of a brain and brain vessels began to use antibiotics, steroid hormones, anticoagulants, their outcomes in Hp meet extremely seldom.

Morphologically retraction, wrinkling of atrofichny crinkles, their brownish coloring and a dense consistence is characteristic of Hp. At microscopy existence of disintegration of cells with plentiful growth of a glia is noted or total disappearance in an atrophied crinkle of nervous cells and fibers, or; from the center diversely there are regenerated fibers.

The wedge, picture depends on localization and prevalence of atrophic process. Paresis and paralyzes, disorder of coordination, a tremor, changes of reflexes, paresis of eye muscles, a nystagmus, a visual disturbance, hearing, the speech are observed, there can be epileptic seizures, dementia. In process of the course of a disease deterioration is noted by hl. obr. from mentality.

Intravital diagnosis is complicated. The diagnosis is made on the basis of a biopsy of a brain.

Symptomatic treatment.

Prevention is directed to the prevention of the diseases causing Hp.

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Century of B. Mikheyev.