KURKIN Pyotr Ivanovich

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KURKIN Pyotr Ivanovich (1858 — 1934) — the Soviet dignity. statistician, zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1928).

KURKIN Pyotr Ivanovich

In 1882 graduated from natural department physical and mathematical f-that St. Petersburg un-that and in 1886 medical f-t Moscow un-that, then worked as the district doctor in the Mozhaisk and Serpukhov Counties of the Moscow province. In 1891 — 1895 there was a dignity. doctor of the Moscow provincial zemstvo. Since 1895 the manager. medico-statistical department Provincial dignity. bureau of the Moscow zemstvo, after transformed to Sanitary and statistical bureau. After Great October socialist revolution P. I. Kurkin actively got into gear on creation Soviet a dignity. statistics. Since 1919 he directed the sanitary and statistical and registration commissions Narkomzdrava RSFSR.

P. I. Kurkin published St. 140 scientific works, including 9 monographs devoted practically to all sections a dignity. statistics. He developed rational methodology of studying of the general incidence on the basis of negotiability of the population behind medical aid and established dependence of indicators of incidence on age, season, etc. For this work P. I. Kurkin was awarded the honourable diploma at the International hygienic exhibition in Dresden (1911). It created the first scheme of sanitary and statistical researches (on incidence, demographic statistics, physical. to development, medical aid, etc.) providing studying a dignity. states taking into account influence of social factors.

P. I. Kurkin developed «Pirogovsky classification and the nomenclature of diseases», having taken as a basis etiol, the principle. It was accepted in Russia in 1899 and served as the base for creation of the Soviet nomenclature of diseases used till 1924. He formulated the purposes and tasks Soviet a dignity. statistics; indicated the need receiving comprehensive sanitary and statistical materials concerning the childhood, motherhood, profvrednost, incidence, working conditions and life of all groups of the population. Under its management the uniform system of the account and reporting of medical institutions and a technique of statistics medical - a dignity is developed. the help, the census of medical shots and healthcare institutions is conducted. In 1924 — 1929 took part in creation of the Soviet nomenclature of diseases. It consisted the editor of a redotdel «San. statistics» in 1 prod. BME.

Works: Child mortality in the Moscow province and its counties in 1883 — 1897, M., 1902; Statistics of the movement of the population in the Moscow province in 1883 — 1897, M., 1902; Statistics of morbidity of the population in the Moscow province during 1883 — 1902, t. 1 — 4, M., 1907 — 1912; Sanitary and statistical tables, M., 1910, 1925; Territorial sanitary statistics, M., 1912; Mortality of babies, M., 1925; Statistics of physical development of the working population, M., 1925; Birth rate and mortality in the capitalist states of Europe, M., 1938; Questions of sanitary statistics, Chosen works, M., 1971.

Bibliography: Belitskaya E. Ya., P. I. Kurkin (Life and activity), 1858 — 1934, L., 1963; B r at sh l and N with to and I am L. A. and H about t to and E. L. N, P. I. Kurkin (1858 — 1948), to the 90 anniversary since birth, the Gigabyte. and dignity., No. 2, page 46, 1949; Kagan S. S. Pyotr Ivanovich Kurkin is the founder of domestic sanitary statistics (To the 100 anniversary since birth), the Doctor, business, No. 9, page 989, 1958.

V. I. Didenko.