KUNT Herman

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KUNT Herman (Kuhnt Hermann, 1850 — 1925) — the German ophthalmologist, professor (1881).

KUNT Herman

Studied medicine in Bonn and Berlin, ended un-t in the Würzburg in 1875 then was a prosector in Rostock. Since 1876 the assistant to eye clinic in Heidelberg at Becker (O. Becker). In 1881 headed department of eye diseases in Yen. Since 1892 managed department of ophthalmology in Konigsberg, and since 1907 — in Bonn.

G. Kunt developed a number of operations: the conjunctival keratoplasty (1884) which was widely adopted during the processing of perforated wounds of an eye, senile and secondary cataracts operation at trachoma, plastic surgeries on centuries and the person, an extirpation of a dacryocyst, operation on adnexal nasal cavities, etc. He was one of founders Ophthalmolum, the Zeitschrift fur Augenheilkunde (1899) magazine.

Works: Zur Kenntnis des Sehnerven und der Netzhaut, Struktur des Sehnerven, B., 1879; Beitrage zur ooerativen Augenheilkunde, Jena, 1883; tiber die entziindli-chen Erkrankungen der Stirnhohlen und ihre Folgezustande, Wiesbaden, 1895; t)ber die Therapie der Conjunctivitis granulosa, Jena, 1897; t)ber die Verwertbarkeit der Bindehaut in der praktischen und operati-ven Augenheilkunde, Wiesbaden, 1898.

Bibliography: Biographisches Lexikon der Hervorragenden Arzte, hrsg. v. I. Fischer, Bd 2, S. 837, B. — Wien, 1932; Junius P., Hermann Kuhnt, Z. Augenheilk., Bd 56, S. VIII, 1925; R e i s W. Hermann Kuhnt, Klin. Mbl. Augenheilk., Bd 75, S. 754, 1925.

L. X. Shotter.