KONDOIDI Pavel Zakharovich

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KONDOIDI Pavel Zakharovich (1710 — 1760) — the domestic medical officer, the organizer of health care and military medicine in Russia in the middle of 18 century.

KONDOIDI Pavel Zakharovich

Got a medical education abroad, studied in Leiden where in 1732 received degree of the doctor of medicine. In 1735 returned to Russia and it was defined on military service by the divisional doctor (1735 — 1738). In 1738 — 1739 general headquarters doctor of field army. Since 1742 — the associate director, and since 1753 an archiater and the president of Medical office.

In the field of military medicine treat number of merits of P.3. Kondoidi: creation of the forefront of medical providing troops; streamlining of supply of troops with medical property; creation of the Russia's first mobile (marching) hospital that led to decrease in a lethality among patients and wounded; introduction (during the Russian-Turkish war of 1735 — 1739) meetings of medical ranks for system development protivoepid, actions in army; development of the instruction for the leading medical structure of the army lighting all parties administrative medical of activity; completion of field hospitals of field army by the special medical state (during Seven years' war of 1756 — 1763), but not from among regimental physicians as it was earlier. P.3. Kondoidi's activity in the field of medical education in Russia was directed to expansion and deepening of programs of training and streamlining of training of doctors at hospital schools, on the completion of hospital schools at the expense of pupils of theological seminaries and academies providing inflow to them of the talented Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian youth (these schools left afterwards the whole group of outstanding Russian doctors of medicine and professors of hospital schools). He organized also training of midwifes, having founded for this purpose of school of «babichy matter» in St. Petersburg and Moscow, founded the Russia's first medical library. It organized a number of quarantines on borders of the state and scientific and medical meetings are for the first time applied in practice of communication of doctors. P.3. Kondoidi regulated obligatory opening of corpses, improved prosection matter in area of the Russian medical legislation. The famous historian of medicine Ya. A. Chistovich writes: «There was no question concerning Russian of «medical faculty» which would not be lifted, reconsidered, directed and solved by P.3. Kondoidi. From consideration and the solution of these questions the whole legislation in which not only the fact that each business is solved and established in essence was important was formed, but also the fact that all these instructions and provisions were written by own hand of Kondoidi and directly in Russian».

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