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KINETICS CHEMICAL (the Greek kinetikos relating to the movement) — science about speeds and molecular mechanisms of course of chemical changes, including enzymatic reactions in a human body and animals.

To. x. consists of two main sections:

1) the formal kinetics studying speeds of chemical reactions and their dependence on various factors, including on concentration of reagents and on temperature; dependence on temperature is expressed by the Arrhenius equation (see Kinetics of biological processes);

2) molecular kinetics, the cut is a task disclosure of molecular mechanisms of chemical reactions and studying of interrelation between the speed of response and molecular composition, atoms, radicals and ions participating in this reaction; methods and representations of molecular kinetics find broad application for clarification of mechanisms of a course of enzymatic reactions (see. Kinetics of biological processes ), effects of medicines at molecular level etc.

Bibliography: see bibliogr, to St. Kinetics of biological processes .

V. P. Mishin.