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KEMER — the balneological and mud resort in the Latvian SSR. It is located in 44 km to Yu.-Z. from Riga and in 5 km from the Gulf of Riga on the plain among an extensive mixed forest. In the territory of the resort the small small river Vershupite flows, in vicinities there are lakes Slokas, Melnezers, Kaniyers.

The first data on use of mineral sources To. with to lay down. the purpose treat 16 century Date of foundation of the resort it is considered 1838 when the first bathing building was built. Broad development of the resort began only at the Soviet power. To studying and rational use to lay down. factors of the resort A. A. Lozinsky's researches, V. S. Sadikova continued by research laboratory of balneology of the Latvian republican resort council promoted.

Sanatorium of Kemeri.

Climate seaside with soft winter and in moderately warm summer. In January average monthly t ° — 4,8 °, in July 16,7 °. Rainfall in a year 676 mm drop out. Relative humidity in the winter of 85%, in the summer of 70%. Number of hours of sunshine for a year 1829, water temperature in the Gulf of Riga in June 15,2 °, July 18,1 °, August 17,5 °.

To lay down. factors: mineral sources, dirt. In summer months heliation, sea bathings are carried out. Sulfide low-mineralized waters of a source Park are used for bathtubs, irrigations, inhalations and drinking treatment.

Formula of chemical composition of water:

Chloride sodium waters (Kemeri's source) are used for drinking treatment, bathtubs, flourishes, irrigations, washings.

Formula of chemical composition of water:

In the neighborhood of the resort peat sulphidic dirt of high extent of decomposition (40 — 55%) with dominance of an organic part, humidity of 80 — 95% lies. Mud applications and tampons, galvano mud procedures are applied. In the resort there is a policlinic which is to lay down. base of 4 sanatoria for adults and 2 — for children, and also servicing patients according to vouchers.

Indications. For adults: diseases of a musculoskeletal system, nervous system (including effects of spine injuries and spinal cord), skin, gynecologic, peripheral vessels of extremities, disease of digestive organs. For children; the residual phenomena after poliomyelitis, injuries of a musculoskeletal system, a disease of c. N of page.

Contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection, table

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L. A. Terentyeva.