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KARACHI (lake Karachi) — the mud resort in the Novosibirsk region, in a northern part of the Barabinsk forest-steppe. It is located in 393 km to 3. from Novosibirsk and in 1,5 km from. - of the Lake Karachi station, in a park zone between the lakes of Karachi and Uzunkul at the height of 110 m above sea-level. About to lay down. dirt and a brine of the lake of Karachi knew to local population in the first half of 19 century

Date of foundation of the resort it is considered 1901 when the bathing building, a swimming bath, a small house for patients was built. Broad development of the resort began after establishment of the Soviet power.

Climate continental. The winter is severe, low-snow, with changeable weather. The summer is warm, solar, dry. In January average monthly t ° — 19,2 °, in July 18,6 °. Duration of sunshine is 1850 hours in a year. Rainfall of 268 mm a year, including winter of 55 mm. The greatest relative humidity in January — 82%, the smallest in May — 50%.

Mud baths.

To lay down. factors — dirt and brine of the lake of Karachi (area of the lake of 325 hectares), an also mineral water Karachi. Silt sulphidic mud with ud. century 1,36 — 1,38, humidity of 56%, the content of general hydrogen sulfide of 0,17%, thickness of a layer of dirt to 1,5 m. Brine of the lake highly mineralized (156 — 204 g/l), hloridno-sulfate sodium-magnesium. In complex treatment in the resort widely apply mud procedures, chloride sodium bathtubs (from a brine), physical therapy, LFK, an aerogeliotherapy, during a summer season — bathings in the lake. The mineral chloride sodium hydrocarbonate water removed to the Earth's surface in 1957 is used for drinking treatment on site, and also for pouring. Formula of chemical composition of water:

In the resort there is a sanatorium for adults and children's sanatorium, mud baths, drinking gallery, medical and diagnostic offices.

Indications. For adults: diseases of a musculoskeletal system, nervous system, digestive organs and female genital. For children: spastic paralyzes and other diseases of a musculoskeletal system.

Contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection, table .

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H. M. Starikov.