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HOLTSOV Boris Nikolaevich (1861 — 1940) is the Soviet urologist, professor (1916), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1936).

Ended natural f-t Odessa un-that (1884) and VMA (1887).

Since 1888 the attending physician of surgical department of the Obukhovsk hospital in St. Petersburg. In 1892 protected to kt. the thesis on «About a Stop of Bleeding at Wound of Big Veins and about Bandaging of the General Femoral Vein in Particular».

In 1910 B. N. Holtsov organized in the Obukhovsk hospital (see) and headed the St. Petersburg's first urology department. In 1914 — 1915 the chief surgeon of hospital. Since 1916 the department chair of urology medical f-that Psychoneurological in-that (nowadays Leningrad sanitary and hygienic medical in-t). In 1926 B. N. Holtsov headed department of urology of the Leningrad GIDUV and urology department of a municipal hospital, to-rymi directed until the end of life.

B. N. Holtsov is the author of St. 100 scientific works, including several monographs. It developed a number of original operative measures: two - and three-moment methods of removal of adenoma of a prostate, a resection of an urethra (see) at nek-ry forms of its narrowing with the subsequent anastomosis the end in the end (Marion's operation — Holtsova), a method of operational treatment of a chronic contracture of a neck of a bladder, etc.

B. N. Holtsov was chairman Vsesoyuznogo urological about-va, the Honorary Chairman Leningrad urological about-va, and also the member of a row domestic and foreign scientific medical about - century.

It was elected the member of Leningrad Soviet of the XII convocation.

Works: About a stop of bleeding at wounds of big veins and about bandaging of the general femoral vein in particular, SPb., 1892; Comparative assessment of ways of operational treatment at a prostatauxe and indications to them, SPb., 1904; Operational treatment at tubercular defeat of seed bubbles and deferent ducts, SPb., 1909; Damages and diseases of a prostate, SPb., 1909; Diagnosis of diseases of urinogenital bodies, SPb., 1911; Gonorrey and its complication, Pg., 1920, L., 1926; Guide to urology, t. 1, century 1—2, D., 1924; Private urology, century 1 — 5, L., 1927.

Bibliography: Mikhelsonya. Boris Nikolaevich Holtsov and domestic urology, Saturday. nauch. works, it is devoted, to the fiftieth anniversary the doctor., nauch. - the teacher, and societies. deyateln. honored worker of science of professor B. N. Holtsov, page 7, L., 1940; about N e, Boris Nikolaevich Holtsov, Vestn. hir., t. 89, No. 8, page 97, 1962; Tsulukidze A. P. Fundamentals of urological surgery, page 13, Tbilisi, 1962.

V. I. Didenko.