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Giorgio's BALYIV (Baglivi Giorgio, 1668 — 1707) — the Italian doctor. Received medical education and an academic degree in Salerno, it was improved in Bologna where worked with Malpigi. In 1686 received department of anatomy, in 1701 — department of theoretical medicine in the Roman academy «Sapiyentsa».

In 1696 D. Balyivi published the main work «De praxi medica» («About medical practice»), in Krom stated an opinion of medicine as the science based on observation and an experiment. During an era of domination of scholastic views its works were of great importance for development of medicine. Fought against sectarianism in science. Studying chemistry, anatomy and (physiology as natural-science fundamentals of medicine, widely applied vivisections and preparation of corpses. One of the first described a typhoid under the name febris mesenterica, having defined it as an inflammation of guts owing to the use of bad drinking water. Supported surgical treatment of tuberculosis by a resection of edges and introduction of the sanifying means to ulcerated cavities of lungs. Its work «Opera omnia» was repeatedly published on Latin and in transfer into the European languages (last time in Paris, 1851).

Works: Opera omnia medico-practica et anatomica, Lugduni, 1704; De praxi medica libri duo, Marburgi, 1793.

Bibliography: Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Arzte, hrsg. v. A. Hirsch, Bd 1, S. 288, B. — Wien, 1929; S u d-hoff K. Baglivi Giorgio, Miinch. med. Wschr., S. 1241, 1907.

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