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GINSENG (Panax Ginseng C. A. Mey; synonym: person root) — medicinal plant.

Ginseng: 1 — a habit view of a plant; 2 and 3 — a flower; 4 — a fruit; 5 and 6 — rhizomes (different types).

. — perennial herbaceous plant this. araliyevy (Araliaceae). A stalk of a straight line, thin, single, on a top with a verticil of leaves, (fig.) 30 — 70 cm high. Leaves are petiolar, palchatoslozhny, consisting of 3,5,7 leaflets. From the apical socket of leaves the peduncule 10 — 30 cm long develops, on Krom one apical floral umbrella is located. Flowers ordinary-looking, greenish-white. A fruit — a bright red juicy stone fruit with 2 — 3 stones, from above slightly flattened. Root rod, cylindrical, up to 30 cm long, to dia. 0,75 — 2,5 cm, with 2 — 6 large branchings from which small thin roots (lobes) depart; in a form reminds a figure of the person

. meets in Primorsky Krai, on Yu. Khabarovsk Krai, in sowing. - vost. parts of China and in Korea. Prepare roots Zh. during maturing of fruits (August — September). The harvest is reaped on 5 — the 6th year of life of a plant.

Root Zh. contains glycosides (panaksazida of A, B, C, D, E, F, G) with very labile aglikona (a triterpenoida of a number of a dammaran), essential and fatty oils, pectins, tanning agents, enzymes — a diastase and phenolase and other substances.

Drugs of a root Zh. apply as tonic at hypotonia, fatigue, overfatigue, a neurasthenia (see. Neural activity stimulators ). Appoint inside (to food) in the form of powders, tablets (0,15 — 0,3 g), an alcoholature (on 15 — 25 drops) and liquid extract (on 10 — 20 drops) 3 times a day.

See also Medicinal plants .

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