FRIBERG of Walls

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FRYBERG of Walls (Eri berg St en,

1902 — 1977) — the Swedish traumatologist-orthopedist, professor (1943).

Got a medical education in Stockholm. In 1941, having completed improvement on surgery and orthopedics, would head orthopedic department in Lund. All further scientific and pedagogical activity of S. Friberg is connected with Carolinian in-volume where he worked from 1943 to

1969 the assistant in the beginning, then professor of orthopedics and the rector in-that.

The main scientific works

of S. Friberg are devoted to questions of surgery of a backbone, damages of m e by N about zvonoch in N y x disks and joints. He was the large organizer and the public figure: headed Council of rectors

of Sweden, consisted the judge of the Nobel committee, for 20 years was the editor-in-chief of the Acta Orthopaedica Scandinavi-sa magazine. In 1966 — 1969 S. Friberg was a president International about-va orthopedists-traumatologists (SP KOT).


The roentgenological end results after caliper treatment of coxa plana with varying degrees of epiphyseal involvement, Acta orthop. scand., v. 46, p. 234, 1975; Radiographic measurements on the radiocarpal joint in distal radial fractures, Acta radiol. Diagn., v. 17, p. 869, 1976 (sovm. with Lundstrom B.).

Bibliography: H i e r t o n T.

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