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FIZIKO-MEDITsINSKOE SOCIETY — the first medical society in Russia.

It is based at Moscow un-those in 1804 and till 1845 carried the name «Society of a Competition of Medical and Physical Sciences». Among founder members there were professors of medical faculty — F. G. Politkovsky, V. M. Richter, I. F. Vensovich, F. A. Gildebrandt, etc. The charter about-va provided category of «member listeners» from among students un-that. Society existed till 1917.

Scientific tasks F. - m of the lake included studying of a current and properties of «general diseases», especially cholera, statistics of mortality and birth rate, communication of diseases of the person with diseases of animals and plants, promotion of smallpox vaccination, drawing up «physical and medical history» Moscow and its vicinities, medicophysical studying of other areas of Russia. Later F. - the island was engaged in m also in implementation of antiseptics and an asepsis. Ob-in totaled in 1808 100 members, in 1839 — 229, the number of scientific messages for the second fiftieth anniversary of existence of society reached 1200. With the participation of F. - m of the lake in Moscow were eliminated the centers of distribution of a trichinosis; according to G. A. Zakharyin's reports measures for fight against tuberculosis were discussed; T. - m the island participated in creation of projects of water supply and the sewerage of Moscow.

Since 1808 but 1825 society released three volumes «Commentationes» for lat. language, three volumes of «The medicophysical magazine» are published (the first — in 1808, the second and third — in 1821). In 1830 the only volume of «Notes of Society» is published in Russian. In 1847 — 1858 «The Moscow medical magazine» was regularly issued (editor A. I. Polunin), after closing to-rogo about-in printed separate volumes of protocols and annexes to them. In 1873 — 1876 under N. A. Tolsky's edition society issued «The Moscow medical bulletin». - Till 1879 works and protocols of society were located in «A medical review», and since 1880 protocols began to appear at first, and then (since 1885) «Works of Fizikomeditsinsky society» on some releases in a year. The main merit

about-va, especially in the first half of 19 century, consisted in promotion of communication of medicine with natural sciences — physiology, biology, anatomy, etc. However it combined only a narrow circle of teachers un-that and nek-ry chief physicians of BC, limiting the activity to special problems. Due to the emergence in the second half of 19 century new about-in on the separate industries of medicine influence F. - m of the lake and number of his members began to decrease.

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Bibliography: A historical note about structure and activity of the Fiziko-meditsinsky society founded at imperial Moscow university for the first 50 anniversary of its existence, sost. A. Ta-rasenkov, M., 1856; The Sketch of activity of the Fiziko-meditsinsky society founded at imperial Moscow university in 1804 in hundred years of its existence, sost. D. Zernov, M., 1904.

M. M. Levitte.