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FISHERS METHOD (S. Ilca, the modern ital. clinical physician) — a quantitative method of definition of cholesterol in blood serum.

The method is based on Libermann's reaction — Burkharda (see. Libermanna-Burkharda reaction ), as a result the cut at interaction of cholesterol with acetic anhydride and mix ice acetic and sulfuric to - t develops emerald-green coloring, intensity to-rogo is defined by a kolorimetrirovaniye at 650 — 660 nanometers (the red light filter). It is offered by the ital. clinical physician Ilka.


Mix of acetic anhydride, ice acetic to - you and a chamois to - you (5:1: 1) prepares at continuous cooling. Mix it is long it is stored in the refrigerator. Standard solution of cholesterol prepare by dissolution 180 mg of cholesterol in 2,5 ml of chloroform and bring to a tag in a 100-millilitre volumetric flask absolute alcohol.

The course of definition

0,1 ml slowly add negemolizirovanny blood serum To 2,1 ml of mix. The test tube is vigorously stirred up several times and placed in the thermostat at 37 ° for 20 min. Then test is kolorimetrirut against control, in to-ruyu instead of blood serum add water. Calculation is made according to a standard curve.

The normal content of cholesterol in blood serum determined by this method is equal to 116 — 242 mg of %.

The method is recommended as unified.

See also Holesterin .

Bibliography: Rosenzweig K. I. The accelerated method of definition of the general cholesterol on the Fisher, Laborat, business, No. 9, page 43, 1962; Ilea S. Schnellmikromethode zur direkten Cholesterinbestimmung, Z, ges. inn. Med., Bd 17, S. 83, 1962.

H. A. Senteboza.