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EYNTKHOVEN Willem (Einthoven Willem, 1860 — 1927) is the Dutch electrophysiologist, the winner of Nobelev-s which and remiya (1924).

In 1885 Ey-ntkhoven ended un-t in Utrecht, having received degree of the doctor of medicine, from same year to the last days of life was professor of physiology of L eydensky un-that.

As a result of the mathematical analysis of the electrocardiograms registered by means of the capillary electrometer, V. Eyntkhoven calculated true theoretical EK G and its parameters. In 1903 he designed the first electrocardiograph on the basis of the string galvanometer invented by Shveygge-rom (J. S. Page of Schweigger). The electrocardiograph allowed in details, without distortions to write down an ECG, to define temporary and amplitude characteristics of teeth, intervals and segments. V. Eyntkhoven designated them and explained their value, the 3rd standard leads from extremities were offered them and the ECG normal is described. The ECG elements developed by it still is used in the analysis of electrocardiographic material (see Elektrokardiografiya). V. Eyntkhoven together with G. Fa hr and Baa a mouth (A. Waart) developed bases of the vector analysis of an ECG: a projection of a vector of the electromotive force of heart (see) on axes of standard leads, creation electric smallpox, definition of a corner and, the rule of a triangle, etc. He was one of the first researchers and in the field of neuroelectro-fnziologii. it for the first time found the pulse elektroaktpv-nost in a so-called denressorny nerve matching systoles of heart. and also pulse activity in nerve pathways of a sympathetic nervous system (I eat. The vegetative nervous SI I eat with t and).

A Nobel Prize the electrocardiograph is conferred for development of a method and and.

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