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EQUESTRIAN SPORT — different types of riding on a horse with the sports purposes.

To. the page is good means comprehensive physical. preparation; at systematic occupations To. pages at the athlete are brought up dexterity, endurance, courage. Loading at riding falls on all muscles of a body, a little more on muscles of legs, a shoulder, a forearm and a brush. Participation in competitions in overcoming the obstacles and to triathlon connected with big contagious excitation and considerable muscular tension causes increase of pulse to 160 — 180 blows in 1 min., breath — to 42 — 45 in 1 min., increase in the maximum ABP to 185 — 200 mm of mercury., etc., having short-term, passing character. At high-speed many kilometers horse run more expressed changes of function of cardiovascular system are noted, the lose of weight of a body, edges can reach 2 — 4 kg, emergence of protein in urine, etc. These changes are fiziol, reaction on intensive and long physical. loading also disappear in terms, different in duration; the period of recovery depends on degree of fitness of the athlete.

To occupations To. pages allow children from 11 years, to competitions — from 12 years. Special attention in the course of medical selection for occupations To. page and at medical control (see) for athletes turn on a condition of nervous, cardiovascular system, a musculoskeletal system. Occupations To. pages are contraindicated at acute and hron, diseases of internals, after earlier postponed heavy and weights concussions, injuries of a backbone are more akin. Contraindications are also the progressing and high degree of short-sightedness, disturbance of a vestibular mechanism, a disease of the sexual sphere, bodies of a small pelvis. Occupations are contraindicated to women with frustration of a menstrual cycle. In the period of periods participation in trainings and competitions on To. the page is not recommended.

Because the athlete-horseman shall take part in care of a horse, observance of rules of personal hygiene for it has special value. It is necessary to consider also a possibility of transfer of individual diseases from a horse to the person what veterinary control of a condition of a horse (is necessary for see. Domestic animals , Zoonoza ). During a training and competitions observance of the correct diet and drink, in particular is important for preservation of the necessary weight (see. Training ).

During the falling from a horse or together with it, and also at improper handling with a horse in the course of the occupations To. with, various bruises, fractures of bones, a concussion of the brain, etc. are possible. In prevention of traumatism a special role is played by medical control of a condition of places of trainings and competitions, of equipment, and also compliance of training of the athlete to conditions of competitions.

Riding walks are good means of active recreation (see. Physical culture ). Recreational value of riding is promoted by a gigabyte. situation of occupations in the fresh air; occupations in the special enclosed space — arenas have smaller recreational value.

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V. A. Nechayev.