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(eosine + Greek philia love, tendency; a granuloma) — the local tumorous education consisting of histiocytes, eosinophils and other cellular elements. AA. can arise in various bodies.

The etiology is not known. Assume that at the heart of development E. allergic processes lie. Most of researchers carry E. to histiocytoses of X (see Histiocytoses), the Crimea the disseminated defeat is peculiar. Nek-ry researchers consider E. as tumor of the hemopoietic fabric.

AA. can develop in bones (see. Eosinophilic granuloma of bones), in skin (see the Granuloma of the person), in limf, nodes, in a stomach, in lungs (see Leffler a syndrome), occasionally arises in c. N of page, external genitals, etc. At the same time the wedge, manifestations depend on localization and the volume of defeats, napr, at damage of a stomach symptoms of gastritis (see Gastritis) are noted, at defeat of c. N of page — symptoms of an encephalomeningitis (see Encephalitis), to-rye are, as a rule, poorly expressed.

AA. of soft tissues is sometimes described under the name «disease to Kim-ry». Males at the age of 13 — 19 years get sick preferential. Process can have multiple character, the centers of defeat of a soft consistence. The long current is characteristic, sometimes the disease is combined with bronchial asthma or tuberculosis. At a lab.

a blood analysis the eosinophilia and a giiyergammaglobuline-miya is noted. Occurs at residents of such countries of Southeast Asia as Japan, China.


Sizes E. can vary over a wide range: from small before

large knotty education by diameter in several centimeters. Main cellular component E. large histiocytes with accurately outlined roundish or oval kernels, finely divided chromatin and well noticeable one or two kernels, with a wide zone of the cytoplasm which ok-sifilyyu is painted hematoxylin-eosine are. Along with histiocytes in E. usually eosinophils contain in various quantity, quite often there is an impurity of lymphocytes, plasmocytes, segmentoyaderny neutrophilic leukocytes, multinucleate colossal cells (see); often ksantomny cells and fibroblasts meet. Hemorrhages, sites of disintegration of cells, in late phases development of fields of fibrosis are possible.

Bibliography: See bibliogr. to St. Histiocytoses, the Granuloma of the person, Letterera — Siwa a disease, Henda — Schueller — Krischena a disease, the Eosinophilic granuloma of bones.

Yu. N. Solovyov.