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DUPUITREN Guillaume (Dupuytren Guillaume, 1777 — 1835) — the French surgeon, the member of the Parisian academy of Sciences (1825) and National medical academy (1820).

DYuPYuITREN Guillaume

In 1802 was entitled the surgeon in the Parisian hospital Hotel-Dieu where since 1815 directed surgical department; along with 1812 managed department of operational surgery medical f-that Parisian un-that.

G. Dyupyuitren offered and for the first time executed operation of a resection of a mandible, developed a method of bandaging of outside ileal and subclavial arteries and a method of hypodermic section grudino - a clavicular and mastoidal muscle; offered a continuous intestinal gray and serous suture; gave the description (1819) of the combined change of the lower third of a fibular bone and internal anklebone (see. Dyupyuitrena change ); studying process of healing of fractures of bones, allocated 5 periods in formation of a bone callosity; gave the classical description of pathoanatomical changes in a palmar aponeurosis at a contracture of fingers (see. Dyupyuitrena contracture ). A number of its researches was devoted to development of methods of reposition and treatment of chronic dislocations.

Works: De la retraction des doigts par suite d’une affection de l’aponevrose palmaire, operation chirurgicale qui convient dans se cas, J. Univ. hebd. med. chir, prat., ser. 2, t. 5. p. 352, 1831; Lemons orales de Clinique chirurgicale, faites a l’Hotel-Dieu de Paris, t. 1 — 4, P., 1832 — 1834; Operatiori de la pierre, d’apres une methode nouveile, Bruxelles, 1836.

Bibliography: Ganiere P. La formation d’un grand chirurgien, le milieu et l'epoqne dans l’oeuvre de Dupuytren, P., 1933: Solomon H. Dupuytren (1777 — 1835), P., 1929.

E. M. Morozova.