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DITRIMINUM (Ditriminum; synonym: Hexobendinum, Ustimon; joint venture. B) — coronarodilator means. N, N1-Dimetil-N, N1-6ic-3-(3', 4', 5 '-trimetoksibenzoiloksi) hydrochloride hydrochloride:

White crystal powder, we will dissolve in water, it is a little alcohol-soluble.

In D.'s experiment causes significant and long increase in outflow of blood from a coronary sine, eliminates changes on the ECGs caused by Pituitrinum; reduces an arteriovenous difference of level of oxygen in coronary vessels that demonstrates reduction of need of a cardiac muscle for oxygen. At the same time D. reduces an arteriovenous difference of levels milk and pyroracemic to - t and glucose. Drug significantly does not influence a cordial rhythm and the ABP.

Has cholinolytic, antihistaminic and antiserotoninovy activity, has mestnoanesteziruyushchy effect. Under the influence of D. intensity and frequency of attacks of stenocardia decreases, positive shifts on an ECG are observed. The maximum of concentration of D. in a blood plasma is noted in 4 hours after administration of drug. Lech. the effect is shown in 2 — 5 days after an initiation of treatment.

apply at coronary heart disease with attacks of stenocardia. Appoint inside 0,06 — 0,12 g 3 times a day during 2 — 3 weeks and more depending on a condition of the patient. The course of treatment is repeated in 2 weeks. In the presence of heart failure of D. it is possible to combine with cardiac glycosides (see).

At D.'s treatment the headache, dizziness, nausea, a sonitus, rhinitis is sometimes noted. These phenomena pass at drug withdrawal or reduction of a dose. The reduced doses are recommended to patients with an unstable tone of blood vessels and migrenepodobny pains. At an abnormal liver function and D.'s kidneys apply with care.

Form of release: tablets on 0,03 and 0,06 g. Store in the dry, protected from light place.

See also Anti-anginal means , Antispasmodics .

Bibliography: Sitting duck V. E. and Kimenis A. A. Pharmacological properties of the new coronary dilator of Ditriminum, in book: Eksperim, and a wedge, pharmacotherapy, under the editorship of S. A. Giller, century 3, page 25, Riga, 1972.

A. A. Kimenis.