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DIOXONIUM (Dioxonium; joint venture. A) — kurarepodobny substance. 1,2-Bis-(4' - pyrrolidinomethyl-1', 3 '-dioksolanil-2') - ethane dimethoiodide:

Yellowish fine-crystalline powder, is slightly hygroscopic. Let's very easily dissolve in water, it is difficult — in alcohol.

Blocks N-holinoretseptory of neuromuscular synapses and causes relaxation of skeletal muscles. Surpasses d-tubocurarine in D.'s activity (see. Tubokurarin ). Calls the neuromuscular block of the mixed type: in the beginning depolarizing, then (in 5 — 7 min. after an injection) anti-depolarizing (see. Kurarepodobny substances ). Unlike d-tubocurarine, D. does not release a histamine from fabrics and does not block vegetative a ganglion. Therefore D.'s introduction is not followed by changes of a hemodynamics. Does not cause also a bronchospasm and does not change secretion of bronchial glands.

Apply For relaxation of muscles and switching off of independent breath at surgeries with the managed breath. It can be used also for treatment of convulsive states and for the purpose of ensuring the long managed breath at resuscitation. D.'s introduction is admissible only in the presence of conditions for carrying out an artificial respiration. Enter intravenously. Mioparalitichesky action comes in 1,5 — 3 min. (depending on the size of a dose). In a dose of 0,04 — 0,05 mg/kg of D. provides conditions for an intubation and relaxes muscles within 20 — 40 min. at an anesthesia barbiturates, neyroleptanalgeziya and in an analgetic stage of a radio and ftorotanovy anesthesia. At the first level of a surgical stage of a radio and ftorotanovy anesthesia action of such doses continues 40 — 60 min. In need of longer muscular relaxation it is possible to increase an initial dose of D. to 0,07 — 0,09 mg/kg. At repeated introduction of a dose of D. make 1/3 — 1/2 initial. After preliminary introduction of Dithylinum of D. in doses of 0,03 — 0,04 mg/kg causes a full muscular relaxation. Is terminated at administration of antikholinesterazny substances (e.g., a prozerina).

Absolute contraindications to use D. are absent. As well as other Muscle relaxants, D. should be applied with care at patients with the hidden and strong indications of a myasthenia.

Form of release: 0,1% solution in ampoules on 5 ml (5 mg of drug). Keep in the place protected from light.

See also Muscle relaxants .

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A. A. Kimenis.