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DIMOESTROLUM (Dimoestrolum; synonym Depot-Cyren, Depot-Ostromenin, Depot-Ostromon, Dimethyl-Oestrogen, Hormostilborol IV, Ostrastilben D; joint venture. B) — synthetic drug of female sex hormone of estrone (folliculin). Chemically — dimethyl ether of diethylstulbestrole or a trance - 3,4-di-(n-metoksifenil) - hexene-3), C 20 H 24 O 2 .

White crystal powder with a characteristic smell, we will dissolve in ethyl and methyl alcohol, ether, chloroform, fatty oils, it is water-insoluble. On biol, to action and pharmakol, to properties does not differ from other drugs of female sex hormones. D.'s activity is slightly lower than activity of hexestrol and diethylstulbestrole, however action after a single injection more long.

Indications to use the same D., as at folliculin (see. Estrone ) pl of its synthetic analogs. Use for treatment of a female hypogonadism, for replacement therapy at a hypo-ovaria, and also for obtaining nonspecific effect with pharmakol, the purpose (at trophic ulcers, an endarteritis, Raynaud's disease, amyloidosis).

Enter intramusculary into 0,6% oil solution, usually once a week 2 ml (a dose of 12 mg or 24 000 PIECES). Effect of drug is shown on 3 — the 6th day. On a course of treatment — 2 — 4 injections.

Contraindications and complications at D.'s use same, as well as after treatment by other oestrogenic synthetic drugs. It is not recommended to apply at disturbances of a menstrual cycle at young and middle age, in this case it is better to use oestrogenic drugs of shorter action.

Produce in ampoules on 2 ml 0,6% of oil solution (12 mg or 24 000 PIECES). Keep in the place protected from light.

See also Estrogen synthetic nonsteroid .

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A. G. Mazowiecki.